R & D and engineering solutions

Research and development Department:

R & D department in the Itqan advanced companyone of the oldest scientific departments, which coincided with the founding and the beginning of the founding of the company August, 2014. R & D department using the latest engineering techniques in several different areas as:

  • 1- Electrical Engineering
  • 2- Electronics Engineering
  • 3- Communication Engineering
  • 4- General Engineering Mechanics.
  • 5- Different programming languages and computer systems.

That’s to work ideas of new products or to treat existing industrial problems on the ground with customers and each society, and to develop and improve routine procedures we do on a daily basis in the past. And print 3D Samples.

Authorized distributor for product Stat-X

fire suppression by Gas system, Stat-x US product with a very high efficiency UL Listed. the most important features of the Stat-X:
certain proportion of the fire suppression.
competitive prices.
safe for the humans and the environment
works even in the presence of the ventilation holes, as in the electricity rooms
You can increase or decrease the units when changing the buildings design.
The default lifetime of the product is ten years.
fit with fire suppressive on car engines.
In addition to other technical features.

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