Smart home system

Itqan is one of the leading home automation companies, our performance higher creative of these systems comparable to the best systems in the field of control technology allows you to homes and wide areas of control options. This product is worth your attention if you are eager to enjoy and benefit from our service.

  • 1. For those who want to monitor their homes and control them if they travel within or outside the country. For those who resent surveillance systems in their organizations and their factories and homes, we offer you the control and monitoring screens mobiles.
  • 2. Through the Internet anywhere in the world we will provide you to connect surveillance cameras through the application in your mobile phone or computer monitors and rest assured on your factory or your store or home, and it also controls the lighting and cameras, irrigation, air conditioning and doors etc. service.
  • 3. Unlike traditional typical performance, as many of the products on the market lacks many of the control and guidance features we have developed a high-performance technology and easy to use system to meet your expectations.
  • 4. Our system provides the comfortable to its users, security, energy saving and its relevance in every time and place, and when you travel you will not be far away from your home
  • 5. Smart Homes term is used in all your devices, lighting, heating, television, electronic games, all security systems, cameras, all this and that you can control with a scheduled manner or all you want from anywhere via mobile application or Online


Authorized distributor for product Stat-X

fire suppression by Gas system, Stat-x US product with a very high efficiency UL Listed. the most important features of the Stat-X:
certain proportion of the fire suppression.
competitive prices.
safe for the humans and the environment
works even in the presence of the ventilation holes, as in the electricity rooms
You can increase or decrease the units when changing the buildings design.
The default lifetime of the product is ten years.
fit with fire suppressive on car engines.
In addition to other technical features.

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