Safety systems

ITQAN one of the leading companies in the design and implementation of integrated solutions in the field of security and safety systems, we have extensive experience in the implementation of the medium and large projects of the systems listed below:

  • 1. Fire Alarm Systems
  • 2. Firefighting systems
  • 3. Facilities Management Systems
  • 4. Smart home systems
  • 5. 3D Samples
  • 6. Security Systems
  • 7. CCTV systems
  • 8. Public Address System
  • 9. innovations and engineering solutions.

Our goal is to provide a full range of services in the field of projects for this reason we have extended our services in the fields of building automation and smart lighting systems that allow the integration of coordination between the designers of each system at the same time. We are in ITQAN respond to the expectations of our customers through high quality services.

Authorized distributor for product Stat-X

fire suppression by Gas system, Stat-x US product with a very high efficiency UL Listed. the most important features of the Stat-X:
certain proportion of the fire suppression.
competitive prices.
safe for the humans and the environment
works even in the presence of the ventilation holes, as in the electricity rooms
You can increase or decrease the units when changing the buildings design.
The default lifetime of the product is ten years.
fit with fire suppressive on car engines.
In addition to other technical features.

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