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Water Mist System

Water Mist System

The key to WATER MIST fire fighting effectiveness is the generation of very fine
water droplets. The size of the droplets is classified as NFPA 750 Class 1. This
extremely small droplet size makes the WATER MIST system highly effective and
uses only small amounts of water. The key factors are the system’s ability to cool
and localised oxygen displacement effect.


  • Flammable and combustible liquids.
  • Protection of aircraft occupants from an External pool fire long enough to provide
  • Ordinary (Class A) combustible fires Such as paper, wood, and textiles
  • Electrical hazards , such as Transformers, switches, circuit breakers, and rotating equipment


  • Safe to people & environment.
  • Minimal water usage (<10% of sprinkler).
  • Effective & rapid in extinguishing fire.
  • No future phased-out or regulated date.
  • Minimum maintenance cost.