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Aerosol Gas Suppression System

Aerosol system

Stat-X Aerosol Fire suppression system is used to suppress fires in specific hazards or equipment
located in enclosed areas and confined spaces where an electrically non-conductive agent is required
and where low weight/space to extinguishing capacity is a factor. The fire-extinguishing agent is an
ultra-fine aerosol which will hang in suspension for extended periods of time (up to one hour)
providing excellent protection against re-flash, as well as, minimizing clean-up. Stat-X® systems are
suitable for use in unoccupied and normally unoccupied areas. In areas where personnel may be
present the system must employ a pre-discharge alarm, 30second time delay, and provision for
system isolation and manual only activation whenever personnel are in the protected area. They are

intended to protect the following:

  1. Telecommunications Facilities
  2. Data Processing Facilities
  3. Process Control Rooms
  4. Generator Rooms
  5. Power Plants
  6. Turbine Enclosures
  7. Flammable Liquid Storage Areas
  8. Marine Engine Rooms
  9. High Value Mobile Equipment
  10. Storage Vaults
  11. CNC and other High Value Machines

Stat-X systems are currently listed for the following classes of fire:

  1. Class A - Surface Fires
  2. Class B - Flammable Liquids
  3. Class C - Energized Electrical Equipment with A or B involvement